Orbital Events


Managed to quickly go dark on here, something I was trying to avoid, but I’ve been simultaneously plunging down the dark hole that is Finnegans Wake while attempting to pay bills and keep on top of everything else.

The book is unknowable and unreachable, an act of utterly mad, audience-less genius. An utterly Derridean nightmare. Rather enjoying it.

Meanwhile, Caspar and I have been doing the rounds to promote Limbo before issue two drops next week; we’ve destroyed our livers at Thought Bubble, recorded podcasts for Orbital in Conversation and Consequential and signed a whole bunch of issue ones at our launch in Orbital Comics.

Photo pinched from Chris Thompson

We recorded the Orbital podcast live with Chris at a Waterloo Library event as part of the Fun Palaces weekend. The events are running as Lambeth Council is threatening to shut down the library and ‘replace’ it, for all intents and purposes, with an un-staffed shelf in the corner of a gym. Culture is being decimated, and you can sign the petition against it here.

Thought Bubble probably deserves its own post, but it’s almost a month on and I’ve still barely processed it. That said, I can probably just create my own by cutting up the posts of others: Amazing party, alcohol, best con yet, alcohol, great to see everyone, alcohol, sorry to everyone I missed, alcohol, alcohol.

Will be back soon with more to say. Honest.