We went to Aberdeen and did stuff.

The final script for LIMBO is done, dusted and currently being drawn, and I feel strangely at a loss without that particular sword of Damocles hanging over head. Caspar and I just spent a rather fantastic weekend in Aberdeen signing at Asylum Books and Games, whose owner, Mike, could not have been more hospitable and seems to know everyone in comics. Can’t recommend highly enough to anyone who’s looking for a place to sign.

Other than that, we had a rather lovely mention from Eric Stephenson in his big interview with CBR at the end of last month, where he pointed us out as a lovely new book that that deserves to get plenty more attention. Slightly bittersweet I suppose, but greatly appreciate being singled out!

Issue 4 of Limbo is out now. Head to CBR to check out a preview of the first few pages. Reviews and feedback so far have been ridiculously positive and you’re all lovely people.

Chat soon.


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