LSCC looms…

This weekend is LSCC already, and my God that came round fast. Caspar and I will be exhibiting in Artist Alley at table A64. We’re very much looking forward to seeing everyone there, the con seems particularly jam packed with talent this year. Come say ‘hi’ if we haven’t met before. Please. We get so lonely.


Now that business is out of the way… I’ve been thinking a lot about the comics medium and our general approach to it after re-reading Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing. I think the book is absolutely sublime, one of the best written things in comics; yet I’ve heard a whole bunch of creators, Neil Gaiman among them, describe the book as “slightly overwritten”.


This kind of bothers me a lot, partly because I love the prose-heavy nature of the book, how voices and narration blend together and a whole load of story can be told in a single issue, but mostly because I think I’m quite firmly opposed to the proclamation that there’s a ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ amount of words on a page that is acceptable in the medium. Obviously there’s loose guidelines, and 60 words in a panel is not going to fly in an issue of the Beano, but I don’t think that’s any reason to stop experimenting with words and pictures and how they can be put together. I think Swamp Thing proves my point there. It might not be to everyone’s taste, and may be slightly tougher to get into than some other comics… but since when was that not OK?

Not every comic has to read like a storyboard.


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