Picking up the pen again…

Been conspicuously absent I know, the last few weeks has been something of a mad flurry, particularly this last week which has seemed to involve a different comics-ish event every evening, draining me thoroughly of time, finances and energy.

Though it’s all been a joy, of course. Comics is full of wonderful people and, since the industry has collapsed into some sort of Kafkaesque nightmare of systematic nastiness trickling down from on high as the average Twitter feed this week has been testament to, it’s been nice to remind myself of that.

Speaking of people in comics being great, some of them have said some very nice things about LIMBO, which we’ve been showing off like this:


This industry is a bloody hustle, so it really means a lot when people are rallying behind you.

The TPB for the book drops on June 1st, so just over a month away, and in the meantime I’ve been working on a bunch of new projects, hopefully at least one of which should be announced very soon. Well. Very soonish. Really I have no idea.

I’ve also been noodling with a prose piece, currently titled Caliban, based around that most interesting of the Bard’s antagonists. I’m really enjoying playing with it, though I’m not totally sure what it is yet, as it seems to be twisting itself into some sort of linguistic exercise. Perhaps it’ll eventually distill into a novella. Toying with the idea of posting some of that up here, but we’ll see.

Right, off to do some work.

Or hide under the desk and rock back and forth.

Either or.