Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Last week, while I was away wondering around Rome it was announced that Alex Paknadel and I would be taking over writing duties for the main Assassin’s Creed series at Titan Comics. The book is being drawn by Jose Holder, whose work is simply astounding, and a perfect fit for the direction that Alex and I will be dragging the book (potentially kicking and screaming). I mean, look at this:ctxazafwcaaqhh_

Alex is likely to throttle me for saying this, but he is one of the most exciting voices in comics right now, and a terrifyingly smart writer. Both of his books for BOOM!, Arcadia and Turncoat, are excellent slabs of sci-fi with the kind of complex, explorative themes that are frustratingly missing from comics so often of late. If you haven’t, read them.  I so very much despise dissolving into mushy cliche, but I think a fantastic team has been put together for this book, and Alex and I have some really exciting things we want to explore in this universe.

Fans of the games will want to pick up the book as we’ll be culminating the Phoenix Project arc that has been building over the last three games, and delving deep into the true nature of the Instruments of the First Will. For new readers, I hope we will also be delivering an accessible, violent sci-fi thriller.

Look for it in next months Previews.




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