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“An incredible first issue to what I know will be an outstanding series.”

assassins_creed_uprising_1_preview-1-e1485533566121Comics The Gathering

“This is a very good beginning for Paknadel, Watters and crew, it’s right on the money, and worth yours.”

Bleeding Cool

“Smart, detailed & energetic – it feels like the kind of title that’s accessible to newbies and Assassin’s Creed fans alike which leaves it being a win-win for creative team and reader.”

Comics Anonymous

“Uprising #1 is a stylish, bullet train beginning for the new series.”


“The beginning of a thoroughly engrossing narrative..”


“Shadowy organizations battling for the fate of the world makes for one compelling story.”


LIMBO testimonials



“Limbo is a terrific series, a contender for best mini-series of the year, and the kind of comic that makes me want to see what the creators do next, either together or separately.”

Comic Book Resources

“In contrast to the Trinidadian dance that shares its name with the series, Watters and Wijngaard have raised the bar for comics with Limbo. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind adventure.”

Broken Frontier

“In its unresolved charm, Limbo takes giddy pride disintegrating reality and reliability like Haruki Murakami and Thomas Pynchon.”

Exquisite Terror

“Limbo is one of the strangest and most unnerving story arcs that I have come across in a long time… came to fill the American Gods-sized hole that Neil Gaiman left in my heart.”

The Nerd League

“Everything you want from a comic, especially a neon-noir comic. It’s fresh, it’s bold, it’s absolutely exciting. It’s a comic that screams to be read and if you haven’t yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Rogues Portal

“a trip that’ll leave you feeling like you just discovered a one-of-a-kind bargain-bin-VHS portal to another reality.”

Paste Magazine

“Limbo is a great example of just how weird and wonderful you can go while still keeping it self-contained.”

Pop Verse


“LIMBO is Raymond Chandler meets H.P. Lovecraft filtered through Videodrome, Hotline Miami, Drive, Lucha Underground, and Louisiana Voodoo. It’s a dizzying, introspective spin through pop culture and how we define our identities through what we consume. And you know what? It was great.”


“If you are looking for a new comic book experience, Limbo is what you need… phenomenal and fantastic.”

The Pulp

“A magnificent roller-coaster ride. If you don’t come off slightly wobbly by the end of it all, then you’re simply far too jaded to even be on this plane of existence.”

Big Comic Page

“Image Comics have managed to add another title to their long list of successes that are on the cutting edge of creativity.”

Comics Anonymous

“Dan Watters creates a very interesting, complex story, mixing up the “regular” world and the supernatural in a flawless way.”

Big Glasgow Comic Page

“It took only a glance to realize this series was something different. Yet, something unexpected happened on the way to simply being a pleasurable read with incredible art: “Limbo,” with its genre bending premise, got as deep and sticky as a Dedande City bog.”

“Taken as a whole, Limbo only gets that much better and profound. It comes to show that even the shortest of series, with it’s deceptively simple premise, can still be complex and full of philosophical truths, and turn our world upside.”


“I don’t think that any other creative team could’ve done a book like this and I just hope that we get to the two of them working together on other books in the future (perhaps something else set in the Limbo universe), because wow, what a team. What a book!”

Word of the Nerd

“I have given tens before, but this issue makes me question every one of them. Limbo is the new standard for a series living up to itself. It presents you with an idea from page one that grabs you by the hand and says “watch this!” If this series has been under the radar for you, it’s time to adjust your radar.” 10/10

Fanboys Inc


“The fifth issue of Limbo shows two young creators at the very top of their game. This is storytelling at its most lucid and intelligent… gearing up to become one of the strongest Image series in a long time.”

Scream Horror Magazine

“Limbo reads like the direct result of taking a handful of psychotropic drugs and driving around aimlessly on a full tank of gas. It’s that awesome. 9/10″

Fanboys inc

“Limbo #5 is beautiful, haunting, upsetting, and ends on the kind of cliffhanger that makes you wish you could see the future. 10/10″

Word of the Nerd

“Beautiful and conceptually intriguing. 5/5”

Big Comic Page

“As I’m a fan of both bright, whirling aesthetics and seeing characters rip their own faces off, I’ve enjoyed living in Limbo’s ghostly world.”

“It’s another glorious issue of Limbo with raw inventiveness on offer yet again and barring this being derailed for the final issue I can’t see this being anything other than a classic Image release.”

Comics Anonymous

“Caspar Wijngaard and Dan Watters have crafted an ideal penultimate issue with Limbo 5.”

Retcon Punch


“Equal parts Phillip Marlowe, Hotline Miami, and the lingering aftereffects of that mushroom you probably shouldn’t have eaten while you were out camping, Limbo is an insane romp through a 1980s wonderland of insanity.”

Modern Horrors

“And what can I say beyond it remains bat-shit insane, but utterly, utterly compelling. The fusion of gorgeous, psychedelic artwork and deliciously neo-noir storytelling never lets up. 5/5”

Big Comic Page

“Dan Watters deftly combines elements of horror, noir and science fiction, creating a comic series which feels refreshingly original. Though he clearly has an ear for snappy dialogue, Watters also throws up some interesting philosophical questions, namely about the imagined nature of identity, and the effect that technology can have on a modern society.”


“If you’ve been waiting to take a chance on Limbo, then just dive in.”

Comic Bastards

““Limbo” is, hands down” the most surprising book of recent months for me. A book by relative unknowns that delivers something unlike anything else in the comic shop, “Limbo” easily deserves to be on everyone’s pull list.”


“This series just keeps getting better and better. There’s action, adventure, and freaking monsters! I cannot wait for next issue”


“Limbo has been a diamond in the rough since issue one dropped. Its aesthetic is unlike any other and that same thing can be said about the story.”

The Pulp

“A creative team that’s been firing on all cylinders since page one of issue one and if they could bottle this level of consistency….they’d have another winner alongside Limbo itself.”

Comics Anonymous

“Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard continue to blow my expectations out of the sky because Limbo #4 has a whole TON of things I wasn’t expecting as far as the plot went.”

Word of the Nerd


Limbo takes another turn. Readers who hold on are in for a ride of a lifetime!”

The Pulp

Limbo is a fresh new title that gets the noir genre right. Dan Watters’ writing fills you with anticipation at every turn of the page, and Caspar Wijngaard’s sultry art style will definitely fog up your glasses. Jump on this title while it’s in its infancy; it is a treat.”

Outright Geekery

“I think that Limbo might actually spoil me for other urban fantasy comics because it’s just filled with so much of the things that I like in my comics. Gosh. 10/10″

Word of the Nerd

“After an energy filled second issue I wasn’t sure which way the title would go but Caspar & Dan have managed to sustain the momentum they built across those first two issues with a natural ease. 9/10”

Comics Anonymous

“Limbo gets better with every issue. 5/5″


“In #3, Limbo’s storytelling shines, and there’s a feeling that the characters in this mystical world of magic cassette tapes and living televisions make choices that matter.So if you’re not already there, sit a spell in “Limbo.” Come for the snake puking. Stay for the story.”



Art by Caspar Wijngaard

“What’s fascinating about this second issue of Limbo is the “world within a world” aspect that this electronic entertainment-focused world kind of takes on. This second issue has a lot of what I adored from the first issue and then cranked it up a couple notches by widening the world a bit and shoving us deeper inside… If you’re not reading it yet, get on this series right now. 10/10″

Word of the Nerd

“Dan Watters does an exceptional job of messing with your head with Limbo.”

Big Comic Page

“LIMBO is one of the few comic book series out there that I believe is truly important in the context of where comic book stories are going now.”


“Slower, stranger, luxuriating in the world it’s created, and with an overarching plan hidden just out of sight, waiting to be realised… When you start off strong, different isn’t always good, but sometimes it’s great.”


“Dan steps up the pace with this second issue and it blurs passed in all it’s psychedelic glory as Caspar continues to weave his artistic magic.  Writing magic, artistic magic & voodoo magic are a great combination but even better if it can be pulled off in such a strong & engaging way as they have here.  Quickly building the characters and the title as a whole into a must-read release.”

Comics Anonymous

“The creative partnership of Wijngaard and Watters is a thing of beauty. They just click. This issue takes you on a journey through an 80s technicolor dream and it’s a hell of a ride. The art is so fine and detailed, and the story so unique and full of character. Limbo is a lot of fun.”

Fanboys inc

“Definitely stacks up to the first issue which is a good thing.”

Comic Bastards

“Whenever  you see an new Image book launch from relatively new creators, such as Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard, you know it’s because the book is quality through and through, and as we have been lucky enough to read the first two issues of Limbo we can atest to this very much being the case.”

The Gosh Authority


Art by Caspar Wijngaard

Art by Caspar Wijngaard


“This is a master class of a first issue and any fan of books like ‘Southern Cross’, ‘Dead Letters’, or ‘Neverboy’ should be on this like a rash. And for anyone still unsure, the effortless tone, gorgeous visuals, and compelling story should soon sort that out… Everything I could ask for from a first issue and more.”


“Watters gives us plenty of explicit threats to hang on to, but I’m even more intrigued by the ones left mysteriously hanging at the end of the issue. We know they’re ominous, but how or why isn’t entirely clear. This issue does that better than anything since the first season of Twin Peaks, so you can bet I’ll be back to see what happens next.”

Retcon Punch

“I was totally blown away by this first issue. It’s like the ’80s meets Tim Burton (old school, good Tim Burton, not his new nonsense) meets a PI story meets just awesomeness in general.”

Comics Bulletin

“The story develops nicely, and the dialogue is spectacular for the hard-boiled genre. If you like voodoo magic with a side of noir followed by cassette tape chasers, you’ll love this book.”

“Approaches the well-trodden boards of the P.I. genre from a devilishly innovative angle… a stunning debut which takes its rightful place at the top of Image’s already impressive line.”

Geek Ireland

“Usually I would say, “if you can stomach one more P.I. story” or something like that, but I really think that Limbo transcends the genre in a lot of ways and that helps make it a comic worth reading.”

Comic Bastards

“It sounds like a typical 50s noir premise but when it comes to the detail, Limbo takes what is typical and smashes it to tiny pieces… A mystery that you’ll want to unwind like a mixed tape of your favourite songs.  Limbo is a book of gothic imagery and effortless cool which will have you as desperate for the next instalment as Clay is for a good lizard-on-a-stick.”

Forbidden Planet International

“Image Comics never ceases to amaze in bringing fresh, new faces like Caspar Wijngaard and Dan Watters into the mix with the release of the first issue of LIMBO… when I picked up what I thought was a Noir story, I got something else entirely. I’m ready to hear and feel those Dead Hand Jams!”


“If weird and pulpy is how you like your comics, this is an issue you can’t miss.”

Geek 101 Podcast

“There’s a delicious paradoxical element to this story, because Watters takes things that are familiar—elements of a standard Hollywood crime drama plot, 1980s tech and fashion, a down-on-his-luck hero who drinks too much—and bastardizes them with magic and mayhem, making this first issue fresh and highly readable. I dig this comic completely.”


“Limbo is a marvel. The style in the writing and art drives the action and puts you in dark alleyways and dive bars. You can smell the stench of the fishmen and hear the breaking of necks as the world built by Watters and Wijngaard sucks you in like a Tron machine. A modern day noir that will leave critics of the genre in debate, no doubt about it.”

Fanboys inc

“Creators Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard will be new names to most, but, like recent launch Saints, Image remains one of the best places to discover new talent and fresh stories on the rise.”

Paste Magazine

“I’ve spent my whole life waiting for someone to write a story about a private investigator with no memory that operates out of a weird Mexican city and eats lizards on sticks. I just didn’t know that was what I needed until I read Limbo. This comic is weird, offbeat, and immediately intriguing.”


“Humorous asides, subtly funny observations, and ill-advised physical confrontations also abound, firmly planting Limbo in the long lineage of private detective mystery stories.”

Comix Connection

Limbo #1 is a fascinating first issue that promises to delve into the strange.”


“A murder mystery of supernatural proportions and this first issue just starts to tap the surface of this limbo world that, no doubt, will have a far reaching impact on our world in future issues of this series. And, it’s what Image does best, offering new voices, new talent, new stories.”

Bleeding Cool

“Limbo #1 is perfect for those who want to take a dip into the strange, unusual, and macabre.”

Cosmic Comics

“…If that sounds strange, witnessing it certainly does not make it less so. Even still, it’s the type of strange that is more attention grabbing than dissuading.”


“Clay’s voice is the only “normal” thing drifting through the pages of this book, and how normal it is remains to be seen. Check this one out.”

Fellowship of the Geeks

Limbo #1 has a great feel to it, and it’s that feel that struck a cord with me more than anything else. The more you immerse yourself into the pages, the more you’ll get out of it. This is a comic that has, for lack of  better term, a soul to it. Limbo will be a series to keep an eye on.”

Ramblings Of A Comics Fan

“Limbo #1 carries with it much strength, from its charismatic lead and mystifying supporting characters, to its enigmatic plot and spellbinding colors. If there is one detective comic to read, it’s this one… warps everything we knew about the genre.”


“Limbo is an incredibly unique book and that is needed every once in a while. This is a fresh new story and issue one does a fantastic job of getting readers hooked into the magic and mystery of Clay’s world.”

Pulp Cultured

“So far, there’s nothing about this book that I don’t like… Combines a lot of what was good about the pulps and what’s fantastic about the urban fantasy but there’s also a noted effort to have diverse characters and a diverse world.” 10/10

Word of the Nerd

“Limbo #1 was an excellent debut for Watters and Wijngaard. They delivered something that many creators strive to do these days in comics, an interesting story that makes you want to return for more.”

Pop Critica

“So far, this series looks and reads extremely well. I’m pretty excited to see where Watters takes it from here. This is most definitely a series to keep your eye on.”


 “It’s a real treat to get something this unexpectedly fun and entertaining from creators I’m unfamiliar with.”

Reading With A Flight Ring

“Watters and Wijngaard do a superb job of crafting the noir, private eye mood of the series. The dialogue is strong, the story is captivating, and the atmosphere and world building is done fantastically.”

Back Issue Blog


Art by Caspar Wijngaard, Colours by Jan Wijngaard

Art by Caspar Wijngaard, Colours by Jan Wijngaard

“…a narrative that is riddled with tension and horror you cannot turn away from.”

Review Fix

“Tortured Life is very reminiscent of the best Clive Barker stories while maintaining a gruesome, organ-spewing style all its own.”

Starburst Magazine

“Takes a turn for the sublimely weird that could rival any episode of the Twilight Zone.”

Comic Sleuth

“One of the most satisfying reads I’ve had in a while.  Smart, brutal, horrific but somehow funny in places too makes this a well-rounded tale that’s not just out for those gruesome kills….although there’s quite a few of those.”

Comics Anonymous

“As the mystery deepens, the storyline grows increasingly complex, yet remains easy to follow while the reader yearns for explanation and resolution (all in a positive way). And, with brilliantly placed cliffhangers at the end of each issue, it’s hard to battle that need to keep reading, to discover what exactly is happening to Richard and why… a must-read series for any lover of horror and supernatural comics.”

Fanboy Comics

“Manoeuvres through a grisly sequence of revelations and U-turns, hooking the reader in to a twisted superhero tale with plenty of blood and rearranged brain matter.”

The Londonist

“Taking the reins, Watters is flawless and his characterization of Richard is naturally humorous while simultaneously sympathetic.”

CC2K Online

“As a story of horror, nightmares and conspiracies and claustrophobia it is at its best… wonderfully realised.”

Bleeding Cool

“Watters and Wijingaard aren’t afraid to go for full scale blood and guts in Tortured Life and produce some pages that are truly horrifying and reminiscent of the best, and darkest, moments of the world of Clive Barker. As a complete story, this may well be the best TPub book yet.”

Pipedream Comics


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